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Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Aurora, ON

Aurora, ON is a good place for individuals and families to call home. In the past years, the city has experienced great developments in the real-estate sector. Aurora is ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada. Located 20 km from the north of Toronto, the most distinctive feature of this city are its picturesque hills and valleys that are part of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Aurora’s beautiful landscape contributes greatly to the quality of life of its residents. St. Andrew’s Dental Centre, a Dentist Aurora ON, has put together this guide to the top 4 neighborhoods to live in.

Aurora is a city that adapts to all needs with a mix of styles between rural and urban areas recently developed with young family homes. It has one of the highest per capita income levels in Canada. It also has an excellent combination of green spaces and attractions.

Here are the top four neighborhoods in Aurora to buy a home based on your lifestyle:

Top 4 Aurora Neighborhoods to Buy a House

  1. Aurora Highlands

Aurora Highlands is a sub-urban neighborhood located situated in the upper side of the Aurora, ON. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in Aurora in terms of land mass and a family-oriented neighborhood with abundance of green spaces. Neighborhood landmarks include Oak Ridges Moraine Trail, Aurora High School, Aurora Shopping Center, Highland Gate Trail and Theater Aurora.

This neighborhood has the perfect combination of pedestrian accessibility, public transportation, greenspaces and affordability. Aurora Highlands have features among the top neighborhoods in Aurora, ON.

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    1. Downtown

    If you are someone who enjoys nightlife and food, then a house near Yonge Street would be best for you. This street runs through Downtown and the area offers a variety of restaurants and stores, as well as a few places to shop. This neighborhood is also home to many festivals throughout the year. Yonge Street functions as the actual main street of the city of Aurora. This is where the great Aurora community interacts, celebrates, plays, shops and entertains. The heritage buildings along this famous street and the historic houses on the inner residential streets have a charm and uniqueness that make this neighborhood one of the most beautiful of Aurora.

    Complete with good roads, buying a house in this neighborhood is the desire of many rich people and close to many nearby resources.

    Historic Downtown Aurora, also known as “Aurora Village,” is a lively neighborhood that deviates from the quiet atmosphere of the small town of Aurora due to heavy congestion along the Yonge and Wellington arteries.

    1. Bayview Wellington

    The Bayview Wellington neighborhood is home to the municipal offices of Aurora. It is a wonderful neighborhood for families of all ages with a pleasant mix of housing, from detached houses and townhomes to condominium apartments. There are a lot of recreational facilities. Shops and restaurants abound on both Bayview Avenue and Wellington St. East. This neighborhood also offers great commuter convenience and can be considered the financial district.

    The city expects to see growth for which a wide variety of businesses would relocate to this neighborhood. It’s close to Highway 404, which can save you valuable time in the morning if you’re heading into town for work.

    1. Aurora Grove

    If you are someone who enjoys nature and hiking, you might consider a home with close access to the Holland River Valley Trail, the longest trail in town. While it connects you to the surroundings, it also connects to various sites in the city. Aurora Grove is located east of Downtown. This is a family-oriented neighborhood that lies around great schools, as well as recreational trails and a bike lane. The streets are winding and the terrain is rugged. The southeastern part of the neighborhood has developed recently. This neighborhood is extremely quiet as the commercial and community centers are located on the periphery of the neighborhood.

    In addition, it is relatively more affordable than the rest of the mentioned neighborhoods.