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Teeth Whitening. We can give you a dazzling smile!

Stunning smiles with a brilliant sheen are no longer reserved for celebrities and politicians. You too can have a brighter, whiter smile. A professional, in-office or take-home, teeth whitening treatment can give you a glowing smile no matter how many coffees you’ve sipped.

Get a Celebrity Smile with St. Andrew’s Dental Centre

At St. Andrew’s Dental Centre in Aurora, Ontario, we have teeth whitening or bleaching treatments to satisfy every budget, time frame and temperament. Virtually everyone who opts for this cosmetic treatment will see moderate to substantial improvement in the brightness and whiteness of their smile. However, a teeth whitening treatment is not a permanent solution and requires maintenance or “touch-ups” for a prolonged effect.

Before you embark on any whitening treatment, ask Dr. Angela Morales for the best treatment for you, the results you are likely to achieve and how long it should take to achieve them.

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