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Dentist near Aurora ON

St. Andrew’s Dental Centre: The Best Dentist Near Aurora ON Discusses Their Dentistry process.

There are several general and family Aurora dentists. however, it is important that you find a suitable dental provider to handle all your dental needs and deliver results that keep you and your family smiling for a lifetime. At St. Andrew’s Dental Centre, we have a team that is established and has handled many different types of treatments over the year with the goal of always ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our patients.

As the top rated dentist near Aurora ON, we have worked with thousands of patients over the last 20 years to ensure the highest quality in oral health care and patient satisfaction.

Our all encompassing dentistry is one of the keys to the success of our business and brands as we are able to provide all types of treatments, whether big or small, general, family, cosmetic or emergency and ensure healthy families for years to come.

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    1. Our great Aurora-area clients have been interested in how everything works, below is how we do our job to ensure oral health and patient satisfaction.
      • Initial consultation

      We understand that each of our patients is different and require different things in terms of aestethics, natural looking, and even just the basics. When we first meet, we can discuss their needs and assess what is going on in their mouth. We are able to then give patients an idea of the outcome (if it’s a cosmetic or restorative treatment). Having worked with thousands of patients for both general and family dental services, we make the time to answer any questions and ensure their comfort.

      • We have an initial exam

      Each patient is different with different features and desires in their mouths for those involved in the dentistry. We exam the mouth during the initial consultation to see where those differences and features will impact treatment and what the patient wants. We also take note of areas that we feel the patient will want to know about that could be either perfectly healthy or may present an issue down the line. We will present those findings to the patient after the exam (or explain it during).

      • Designing the treatment

      We know you wish to project your smile on your face full of healthy beautiful teeth so we will work with you to ensure that the best treatments are available for you whether it be emergency, cosmetic or restorative work. Our dental team is well established in listening to patient’s needs and customizing treatments.

      • Before we start work

      Following an understanding on what kind of smile the patient wants, for most patients, we will begin with cleaning the teeth. Our process is comprehensive and aimed at delivering exceptionally sparkly and clean teeth.

      • During and After the dental work

      After the teeth have been accounted for in an initial exam, as part of the appointment, we proceed to do a dental cleaning on the teeth. Ensuring that your specific situation such as sensitivities, dental anxieties and so on is taken into consideration.

      Because we strive for a healthy long term relationship, we will be with you after any treatment to ensure that it meets or exceed your expectations so that we become your favorite dentist in Aurora ON