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Aurora ON Resources – St. Andrew’s Dental Centre

St. Andrew’s Dental Centre, a Dentist in Aurora ON, presents this handy resource guide for the Aurora area. Aurora is a historical municipality within York Region of Ontario. The village was established in 1863 and grew rapidly until it reached over 2100 residents in 1888, when it became a city and a fundamental part of the greater Toronto area.

Today, Aurora’s economy keeps growing thanks to the foundation laid during its inception. Aurora is a lovely little community located in the center of the famous York region. With its population of around 60,000 residents, Aurora keeps growing and is ranked among the top 10 richest cities in the country, making it an attractive area to live.

 Here are some of the resources Aurora has to offer:

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    Aurora’s Major Resources

    1. Festivals and Community Events

    Backed by the productive agricultural land in the area, Aurora is well known for its number of events that bring residents and visitors together.

    In February, the Arctic Adventure appears as the main attraction and in early spring we find the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Aurora Chamber of Commerce presents its Home Show in April and the Street Festival, with more than 500 vendors and live music, on the first Sunday in June.

    The outdoor farmers market and craft fair run from the beginning of May to the end of October, featuring local produce, delicious food and unique artistic creations. Summer begins with family activities and spectacular fireworks display on Canada Day, culminating with weekly concerts and movies in Town Park.

    Ribfest is a late summer event and the Enchanted Forest ( a Halloween favorite) are other important festivals, and the year concludes with the Santa Under the Stars Parade (late November), followed by the annual tree lighting at City Hall and the First Family Night on December 31.

    1. Retail Malls

    We can enjoy an interesting shopping experience in Aurora, beginning with the main street Yonge St, where we can find plenty of good food choices, including the Locale Aurora and Dos Mariachis, some nice shopping stores and a great collection of locally-sourced items such as decorations, souvenirs, wall paint, spas, and clothes. Aurora´s main street has become a favorite destination for people looking to enjoy an entertaining stroll, go shopping, enjoy a coffee or eat at any restaurant.

    La Jolie Cheese Shop, which is considered one of Ontario’s finest boutique cheese locations, is a must if you are visiting Aurora. Lastly, another option is to visit the Aurora Shopping Centre, which hosts a wide range of shops and stores.

    1. Aurora Attractions

    There are many things to see and enjoy in Aurora. In terms of landscape, Aurora has 700 acres of open space and 45 parks. All these attractions allow us to enjoy a little bit of the captivating and beautiful nature of Ontario. Aurora Town Park is one of those wonderful green spaces mentioned above. During spring and summer, you can also enjoy the local farmer’s market. Fairy Lake Park, in Newmarket, offers 13.4 hectares to explore, including many salt marshes and waterways.

    1. Transportation

    The Nokiidaa Trail system follows the Holland River, snaking through neighborhoods and connecting residents to recreational facilities, parks, and play areas. There are other trails as well: Willow Farm, Lakeview and Wimpey, and also the Oak Ridges Moraine Trial to the south. A large number of pathways and trails offer walkers, runners, cyclists and even cross-country skiers a great way to discover and enjoy the town.

    Getting around the city, or travelling to and from Aurora, is easy due to the magnificent highway access and the sophisticated transit system. Highway 404 connects commuters to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area, as does GO Transit, with trains and buses running to and from downtown Toronto.