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Dentist Near Me – St. Andrew’s Dental Centre

Spring is a time of the year known for a renewal, a rejeuvination and a new outlook on life and people often decide to pick that time to spruce up their smile. A part of improving your smile and appearance in general is through dental work and as the dentist near me, the team at St. Andrew’s Dental Centre are able to handle all spring time dental services to better improve the appearance (and of course health) of your teeth and smile.

There are many benefits to treatment for general and family dental work. At St. Andrew’s Dental Centre, below are some of the advantages you stand to gain from our spring dental services.

  • More Pleasing Outdoor temperatures

Familes are most likely to get things ready for outdoor life, whther it’s vacations, picnics or just casual walks, people want tobe outside when it’s warmer so they are interested in having their dental work done.  With the spring time comes the optimal temperatures which allows for maximum enjoyment of dental treatments – the way people beam confidence when they have a lean and attractive smile, it’s contagious. The optimal temperature also guarantees that the benefitting person gets to show it off more often (like it was a new car).

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    • Perfect timing

    Dentists near me are commonly busy during the spring time because of the increased demand and therefore makes it a great time to schedule your family dental work earlier in the season such as winter. Doing this will allow you enough room to get your appointments, have consultations and schedule any treatments.

    This way, the dental staff will get to know you better in time for the busy season.

    • Protect your oral health

    General living and eating can be harsh on your teeth. There is a lot of sugar and chemicals in our food that can cause long term plaque build up or cavities leading to teeth erosion and gum disease. To ensure that the dental treatment comes out perfectly, it is recommended that you choose your appointments earlier in the year. The team at St. Andrew’s Dental Centre cater to the conditions and needs of their patients. Dental providers are also equipped to spot any limiting factors or previous damange to dental work to ensure that treatment can go forward and last a long time while satisfying the patient’s desired aesthetic outcome.

    At St. Andrew’s Dental Centre, we also handle crowns and bridges which are able to repair worn down or missing teeth. We are able to locate and detect fine cavities and pin-sized holes that can create space for baceteria to cause an infection.

    Our professionals offer top quality dental work. Our process involves:

    • Initial meet and greet: This is where people will call in for free, friendly advice or book a meet and greet. From there we get to meet you and show you around. We then 
    • Discuss your concerns: After the meet and greet, we sit with you to disccuss your medical history, any dental anxieties or conditions which would interefere with treatment and finally talk about what you want to happen: whether it’s just straight dental checkups and cleanings or you want soemthing more restorative or cosmetic..
    • Exam and Checkup: After discussing your concerns, we have a look around in your mouth with a full examination and take x-rays. 
    • Findings and Treatment: Once the exam is over, and x-rays obtained, we can have a look at what’s going on with you. Are there any areas of concern? If so, we present various treatment options with you and talk about the pros and cons of each before you go forward with any particular one.