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Wisdom Teeth Removal

General Tooth Extractions

Sometimes tooth extractions are unavoidable. Wisdom teeth for example, may need to be extracted if your jaw doesn’t have the room to accommodate them. Sometimes excessive decay or trauma to the tooth can make a tooth extraction necessary. If you’re getting braces, dental extractions might be part of treatment in order to make room for teeth that will eventually shift.

Naturally, it seems like tooth extractions hurt. The actual tooth extraction surgery doesn’t hurt because Dr. Angela Morales at the St. Andrew’s Dental Centre in Aurora, Ontario uses a local anaesthetic to numb your gums. The most likely time you’ll feel mild discomfort is after the procedure, when the anesthesia wears off but this can be treated with pain medication.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are basically like any other tooth extractions, except that they can be a little more complicated due to the location or degree of impaction. If your wisdom teeth have erupted, Dr. Angela Morales will be able to extract them in-office. If you have an impacted wisdom tooth (one that hasn’t broken through the gums) Dr. Angela Morales may refer you to specialist to perform the extraction.

Advantages to Early Removal of Wisdom Teeth

  • Usually the surgery is less complicated
  • Less Pain & complications. It is best to remove the teeth before the roots are fully formed.
  • Recovery time is shorter and healing is faster

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