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Finding a good emergency dentist for your family can be a daunting task, especially if there are many offices to choose from. Following these tips can hopefully reduce some of the headaches of deciding which office benefits you the most.

What Type of Treatment do you Need

First, what type of emergency or other treatment do you need and how do you know? Obviously, if you lost a tooth, it’s pretty obvious what to ask for. But what if you think you need a filling, how do you know? Sometimes tooth pain could be a crack in the tooth, a sensitivity or an infection, not always a cavity. And even if you do need a filling, how many surfaces need to be filled?  Do you have dental anxiety so you need sedation? And so on. A good dental office will walk you through all of that after an exam to determine your necessary treatment.  When you call the office, the more specific you are with your pain, or needs, the better the office can help.

Asking About Treatment Cost Without an Exam

One of the best sources of information about the company you desire to hire is their website. They help you to see what kind of treatments they offer. Their website should have more than just a picture gallery.

Your emergency provider should also indicate their hours. Any dentist that lacks their hours does not allow you to figure out when you can schedule your appointment ahead of time. 


Dental insurance plans can be confusing at best. Some dental offices will help you understand what your plan covers and walk you through it.

Some dental offices offer something called “assignment of benefits”. This means that you only pay the difference at the end of your appointment on what your insurance plan covers. Assignment makes it easier for the patient, however it’s not so black and white. Due to ever increasing insurance plan complexities and privacy regulations (some insurance companies won’t even talk to the dental office, just the patient), a lot of dental offices are “non-assignment“. This is not so bad for the patient because with today’s banking system, if you pay with a credit card, often the insurance company will have your reimbursement in 1-5 business days.


As with every business, experience often indicates how smooth your appointments will go.  Not speaking just of number of years in business of course, but if there any specialties or treatment areas of focus. Some dental offices will refer out everything including braces, implants and crowns etc. Some dental offices have in house specialists like orthodontists and some dental offices have general dentists that offer to treat some cases before referring them out – especially if they aren’t too complex.

Reviews and Recommendations from others

It’s hard to choose which office suits you best. Sometimes the best way is to get the experience from a family or friend who has been going to that office for years.

The other way is to look up their online reviews. What do other patients, who may have a similar challenge or requirement to you, have to say about the doctor, the office, the staff and so on.


A flexible office should be willing to accommodate your schedule reasonably. Sometimes with multiple appointment, ask them to put them back to back if you can so that you aren’t taking multiple days off wok (unless you want to of course). Sometimes appointments cannot be booked back to back because they have no idea what treatment is needed until they see you for your first appointment.

Book with St. Andrew’s Dental Centre

For emergency dentistry services, contact St. Andrew’s Dental Centre. We are assignment based, so you only pay the difference at the end of your appointment. We will work with you on your insurance plan and find appointment times that fit your schedule. Our providers have been working in this industry for years. Visit our website and have a look through our services to make sure it’s right for you.