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Sport & Night Guards

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

Protect your teeth from injury no matter what your age!

For children, it’s all about play time. But playing sports or being active is for people of all ages. That’s a good thing! The bad thing is all that activity can put your teeth at risk. That’s why it’s so important to protect your smile, your teeth and bone with a sportsguard. Sportsguards protect your teeth from getting broken, chipped or, worse, knocked out.

Custom-fitted sportsguards are available at St. Andrew’s Dental Centre for children, teens and adults. With a custom-fitted sportsguard, you can avoid all the pitfalls that come with the over-the-counter versions: poor fit and poor quality.

Custom-Fitted Nightguards


Certain mouthguards can help with snoring and TMJ disorders. If you’re prone to grinding your teeth while you sleep or clenching your jaw during the day or night, you could be waking up or suffering from chronic headaches, earaches and jaw pain. Wearing a dental mouthguard can help prevent grinding teeth while sleeping. You’ll need to practice some self-restraint during the day and avoid caffeine, alcohol and chewing gum as well as reducing your stress levels.

Custom mouthguards can also help with snoring and sleep apnea. A custom mouthguard prevents your jaw and tongue from dropping back and blocking the airway – the main reason behind that annoying snoring. Speak Dr. Angela Morales at the St. Andrew’s Dental Centre in Aurora, Ontario to find out whether a snoring or bruxism nightguard is right for you

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