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Dentistry and Oral Health

After the age of 3, or if you have moved into a new city , the next step is your dentistry is oral health. Often neglected, it is the easiest to maintain a regular baseline and it is one of the most crucial aspects to your overall health. Dentistry is not only for aesthetics; it helps to preserve the foundations of your smile, your teeth and your jaw. In modern times, oral health also plays a role in households as people take a greater interest in keeping their teeth.

There are different forms of dentistry likewise, there are for oral health. To narrow down what you are looking for, you do need to know the various tools and services available. You want to choose a service that reflects on how you want your smile to look like. An established dentist can help you with your options.

The proper dental work on your mouth can rejeuvinate your smile and make you feel great. Some people want the movie star smile, some others just want to be able to eat steak again and some people just want to maintain basic cleanliness standards.

Below are the types of dentistry and oral health options for you to choose from to get the look and feel of your smile you desire.

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    1. Types of Dentistry
          There are several broad areas.  This will provide a general idea.
        1. Cosmetic

        Cosmetic refers to aesthetics, usually these services aren’t covered under your insurance as they are optional and done for overal image rather than health. Things like teeth veneers, whitening, closing some of the gaps in your teeth, some braces cases and yes even diamond studs.

        When choosing a cosmetic option, you really need to set up a consultation and tell them what you would really like. Some patients will look at pictures of movie stars or just be generally impressed by any cosmetic treatment done on other patients (friends and family).

        1. Restorative

        Restorative work refers to the general services that you get at the dentist that help you fix, repair or prevent any health issues. Services such as fillings, implants, crowns and bridges allow you to prevent future issues and larger bills down the road.  This type of work is usually covered in insurance.

        1. Emergency

        Emergency dentistry is typically due to a knocked out tooth, an abscess or infection,  cracked or broken tooth, or really painful cavity. Most offices will have spare capacity for you to walk in and get your teeth looked at and fixed.

        An established oral health care specialist will help you decide on what kind of treatment you need for you and your family.

      1. Types of Oral Health
        1. Tooth Brushing

        Tooth brushing is a kind of well ingrained habit amongst the population. It is required for daily removal of harmful bacteria and to freshen breath.  Especially with today’s heavy carb diets, our poor teeth are always getting attacked.

        1. Scaling

         AUsually the hygienist will do this service and it serves to remove the existing plaque that has hardened on your teeth contributing to decay and gum disease.  For some, it’s uncomfortable but left untreated is a much worse condition for your health and for your appearance.

        1. Polishing

        Polishing is another service done by the hygienist. It’s primary function is to prevent bacteria when used with scaling. It also makes your teeth glossy and shiny, giving you that fresh look.

        1. Flossing

        Flossing should be done regularly to get rid of harmful plaque before it hardens. The more you floss, the less likely you will have long appointments at the dentists and much more healthy gums.


        Dentistry and oral health is a broad topic, and you only need to know the basics for what you want to accomplish and to maintain an overall baseline of health and cleanliness.

        Taken together, you can visualize an overall picture of health starting from your mouth that relies on your side and on the professional’s side. Dentistry and other self cleaning can quickly help to do this.