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5 Critical Things You Need to Know About Veneers

Want to Improve the Way Your Teeth Look? If you are unhappy with your teeth and think that they could do with a little aesthetic improvement then you are not on your own because millions of people around the world think the same thing every day… and you do have options. Veneers happen to be amongst those options if you can figure out whether or not it is the best possible choice for you. But how can you tell whether it is the best option for you? Well, this special report will tell you the five most important points of note about veneers. It is absolutely essential reading if you are considering improving the appearance of your teeth. Firstly, though, it is necessary to explain exactly what veneers are so you know all about them and can make the best possible decision as a result. What are Veneers? In truth, there is very little said about veneers when it comes to improving the appearance of teeth. When you think about sparkling pearly whites you think of teeth whitening but veneers are actually a very good alternative, especially if they are not as smooth as magazines and posters make out they should be. Opting to have veneers as a cosmetic improvement will certainly stop people in their tracks when you flash a beautiful smile at them but they can be used to repair damaged teeth as well. No matter why you are having veneers fitted, the process is relatively simple. A thin layer of restorative material is effectively laid over the surface of the tooth. Of course, it requires a lot of skill on the dentist’s part but the effect can be dazzling. The veneer is usually either made of composite or porcelain, with most people preferring the latter because of the improved aesthetic appearance it has. So far, so simple! However, you are bound to still have questions. Some of the most common are listed below for you complete with the answers because the best way to put your mind at rest before opting for veneers is to find out all about them in detail. So here goes… #1 – How Long do Veneers Last? Everyone knows that teeth whitening has to be done on a regular basis to keep that bright smile shining but what about veneers? Well, you are guaranteed to spend less time in the dentist’s chair if they are fitted properly. They last between 10 and 30 years providing that there are no accidents in the meantime. The earliest veneers used to fall off within a few months because the bonding process was nowhere near as developed as it is now. Today though, the refractory model technique of attaching the veneers to the tooth works wonders and the bonding agents have improved no end. Spending less time in the dentist’s chair to ensure your smile is white and bright cannot be a bad thing! #2 – What if Veneers Feel Wrong or Look Bad? Sometimes they can feel thick if they are not made properly. If this is the case then you should tell your dentists right away so that they can be corrected Dentists fit veneers all the time so it is incredibly rare that you find they look bad but again say something if they do. #3 – Do Veneers Cause Damage to the Teeth? Veneers are designed to correct damage to the teeth by covering small gaps, worn away teeth edges and aged or stained teeth. Nobody likes to have gappy or yellow teeth and you need not have with veneers. If you do need to make teeth appear straight and uniform in color and shape then veneers may be for you. Even those that go wrong can be removed without damaging the teeth as long as the right techniques are used so you can get the gorgeous smile you want without putting your teeth in jeopardy. #4 – Non-Permanent Veneers – Worth it? Yes, you can get non-permanent veneers as a do it yourself option to those that you have fitted in a dentist. You have to buy a kit, take an impression of your teeth, and send it off yourself. They will then send you your veneers through the mail. Unlike real veneers, Do-it-Yourself veneers are made from flexible resin and can be removed and reused. However, they do not look as good and will last nowhere near as long. You also give up the professional touch if you choose to go this way. #5 – The Cost? While porcelain veneers do cost more than composite ones, they last longer and look better. Overall, the smile you want may be as little as $200 a month with 0% interest payment plans for veneers.  So whether the total is $1000-$2500 per tooth, your dentist can work with you on flexible payment plans.  Think about how long your veneers will last for and how much use you will get out of them as a result. In conclusion, veneers are ideal if you are looking for a beautiful white smile for the next decade without having to visit the dentist every few weeks for treatment. There really is nothing to worry about in having them fitted because a highly skilled cosmetic dentist will give you value for money without making mistakes. As with any dental work, having concerns is normal and completely natural but you have absolutely nothing to worry about with veneers… unless you are scared about dazzling everyone you meet afterwards of course! Settle into the chair, open wide and prepare yourself for the beautiful smile you deserve. Call us now at 289-796-0420 for a complimentary consultation (save $50) and for free, friendly advice about your options.  

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