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St. Andrew’s Dental Centre – Meet The Team

Dentistry Services Starts With a Winning Dental Team

St. Andrew’s Dental Centre employs a wide range of providers in southern ON! Our dental providers are carefully examined before they are hired so that you can be sure you’re working with a dentistry service you can trust. We have a growing team of experienced individuals with a history of providing excellent services to patients and backed by years of dental and clinical. Be sure to learn more about our company by checking out the Brand Facts page.

Meet Our Dentist

We currently have one dental provider. No matter how big or how small your dentistry requirement is, we have the team to get it done! We will always listen to you and work with your treatment and financial needs as we feel that building a long term relationship with you in top health and happy is our number one goal. You need dental professionals that you can trust.

Meet The Rest of Our Providers

In addition to our dentists, we staff a full team of hygienists and assistants. Your dental work starts and ends with these friendly, hard working individuals. We will schedule your preliminary visit at your convenience and give you the recommended treatment that fits what you want and your budget. 

Your providers will oversee every stage of your smile dentistry or other dental work for you or your family. We’ll make sure that you’re happy with your smile and that we complete your dentistry in a reasonable timeframe. We’ll also be there to answer questions that may come up throughout the treatments, and to make sure that you are always kept up to speed if there any delays.  

Want to see where it all began? Learn more about our founders!

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