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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

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Do you take my insurance?

Yes! We take most insurance plans. We are an assignment dental office which means we submit your appointment details to your insurance company and you only pay the difference from what your plan doesn’t cover. For example, if the bill is $100 and your insurance plan covers 80%, you only pay $20 at the end of your appointment. When in doubt, ask us about your plan and we can walk you through your insurance plan.

Do you accept kids (children)?

Yes! Family is very important to us. We are a family friendly office and accept kids of all ages. 

Do you have free parking?

Yes, parking is free. 

Do you help people with dental anxiety or fear?

Yes. Going to the dentist is not easy for some. We understand that not everyone loves it or even has certain medical conditions such as a high gag reflex so we take extra steps to make sure you feel safe and relaxed here.